Women and Child Health

The organization has always given its special attention to Women & Child development. In collaboration with Terre Des Homes, Germany; we are working in Hoshangabad District on Access to Development (Health Education) Programme. Through this programme we train youth and health workers to promote wide range of health care facilities at local level; conduct life skills education sessions for adolescent and young girls; provide information on Reproductive Health, Nutrition and Immunization.


Children’s group are formed in villages who are trained on child rights; basic preventive health measures and importance of schooling. These groups are responsible to keep an eye on dropped-out children of the village & if any, they motivate them and their parents to retain their schooling. They create awareness among other children regarding importance of health importantly malaria and share basic preventive measures for the same. These groups share about local medicinal plants & trees vital to save environment. Women are trained on importance of institutional delivery, Gram Sabha & other government women and child care schemes. The training empowers them in accessing their rights, promoting healthy living.