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“Getting bus-pass is our right and we will get it”- Heera, Orthopedically challenged, village Lanjhi

Once we went to for an exposure visit to Uttar Pradesh. The bus conductor asked us to show our bus-pass and we didn’t know what it meant. We came back, did some research & found the government of Madhya Pradesh has no provision of bus-pass. Therefore, I being a DPO leader took the lead and initiated advocacy for bus pass in 2014. We sent post cards to Chief-Minister of Madhya Pradesh writing about our problems, we called for public support by signing our banner to urge the government after which in 2017, government approved for fifty percent exemption in bus fares. This whole process developed my understanding, patience, ability to carry a decent communication with government & stand for our rights. I am happy that now PwDs can access the bus facility in half fares.

Heera leading the team for accessing 'Bus-Pass'

Heera leading the team for accessing ‘Bus-Pass’

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