Women awarness

Organization initiates a three year programme for livelihood of schedule caste and it is supported by Department of Science and Technology. Most of the organization raise the issue of Dignity and Other Social Problems and rarely address the issue of their Livelihood or Economic Upliftment. State and Central Govt.’s established various schemes and policies for upliftment of Schedule Caste but the community not benefited as fully due to lack of information and procedure.

Department of Science and Technology supports grass-root organization on livelihood of marginalized community and Dalit Sangh initiated the programme in 2011. Dalit Sangh select 180 families of 5 Villages and the following activities executed :

  • Surveyed 5 villages.
  • Marking resident of BPL Card Holder families for training.
  • In three villages: Mahua Kheda, Chichili and Shobhapur organization started tailoring centres. Annual Report DSS 1020 to 2011
  • organisation intervene on village level livelihood programme as : Poultry and Goatry on available resources.
  • In first phase after completion of the tailoring training, trained persons polarized their occupation in established local market.
  • The organization is specific act as a catalyst to develop community for their livelihood and sustainable development.


  • 20 women’s trained in sewing and stitching.
  • Three groups of self-help-group established in three villages.
  • Contact established with 180 families in 5 villages.