Education for Dalit

Access to Development (Health & Educational for Marginalized Communities(SC/ST)) (PSF-Terre Des Hommes) With the assistance and in collaboration with Terre Des Hommes, Germany we are working in 20 villages of Sohagpur Development Block of Hoshangabad District on Access to Development (Health Education) Programme. Under this program following activities are undertaken: For each selected village a youth has been trained to work as a Para Professional on different health related issues ranging from life skill, concept of eligible couples, child bearing age, conception, child care, TI, STI, Nutrition, HIV-AIDS, Malaria and overcoming spread of other epidemics.

A comprehensive training of the health workers of the selected villages was undertaken at block level to give vital tips to the workers on reproductive health issues including adolescent health, conception, pregnancy, role of vaccination, RTI, STI, STD, postpartum care, various diseases related to the body parts often ignored and thought not to be discussed which harm the overall health. Under this health education campaign, special camps were organized for all 20 villages adolescent boys and girls to cope with the changes that occur during the age of 13-20 years.

The objective of these camps are to make the boys and girls understand the thresh hold transformation the body undergoes and to prepare them to cope with these changes and be mentally mature to live with them. An organization within the community is being created so that it can help the activities of organization for various purposes like mobilizing community on certain issues, to organize health camps, meetings, to organize rallies etc. These cadres are duly motivated and trained by the organization and are active at villages. Special Training Programs for the couples at block level is organized to disseminate information about the reproductive health related issues. The workshops focused on conception, use of contraceptive pills including use of condoms, copper-T, Family planning, RTI, STI, Nutrition, importance of Vaccination, infant and child care etc. Children being future of our generation the organization has paid attention to make them a responsible citizen.

To make them physically fit and healthy in all the villages, camps for children were organized on regular basis. To develop the understanding about the outer world the children of selected villages were taken to an exposure visit to

During the programme we have achieved the following:-

  • Provided 20 First Aid Boxes in 20 villages and now they get required medicine for first aid box from health department.
  • Percentage of institutional delivery increased from 30% to 70%.
  • Percentage of vaccination increased from 23% to 63%.
  • Malnourished children’s number decreased and 18 admitted in NRC Centers.
  • Adolescent girls aware about health, hygiene and reproductive health matters.
  • Women’s Self Help Group collected Rs.3, 95000/-(Three Lac Ninety thousand Rupees Only).