Dalit rights

The mission of the Dalit Sangh is to eradicate caste based discrimination and atrocities. It is to ensure equality and equal rights for all. especially focus on the doubly marginalized dalit women, and the manual scavengers who occupy the lowest rung of the caste hierarchy. Dalit’ is a title that has been espoused by the so called ‘lower castes’ of India to describe themselves. The caste system in India divides the society into groups ranked by ritual status determined by birth and governed by the principles of ritual purity and pollution.

Each caste is associated with a traditional occupation. These castes are considered so ‘impure’ that even their touch is defiling and hence they are subjected to the most extreme manifestation of caste discrimination – ‘untouchability’. While the practice of ‘untouchability’ has been constitutionally abolished, it is still extensive in many parts of India and Dalit continue to suffer routine maltreatment and dishonor at the hands of the other castes. Dalit Sangh, a non-government organization, working for the empowerment of Dalit communities.

The organization supports individuals, community-based organizations, and networks that work to secure social change and protect the rights of Dalit. Dalit Sangh provides Support towards strengthening the Dalit Movement and nurturing future leaders for the movement. Dalit Sangh dreams an egalitarian where Dalit communities, especially women, live with dignity, have equal opportunity and proportionate social and economic participation in mainstream society.