Community based rehab.

Our work has helped us in increasing our reach to the common public, especially children and girl child with disability. We have also initiated our work on entry-level and new avenues has helped us in reaching people from different domains in working area. Being a part of some of the national and regional level campaigns on Person with disability has facilitated by the programme. We have also been able to improve our networking system with many national and local level NGOs. These features have helped us to become more aware of national and international level practices and approaches helping us to improve our programmes efficiency and effectiveness.

As an NGO which is increasingly dealing with blindness, disability and limited social freedom to Person with Disability, it is essential to support, train and equip the Person with Disability. As a civil society organization we have experienced that the community based rehabilitation programme is appropriate for person with disability. Our project area is two blocks of Hoshangabad District: Sohagpur and Bankhedi, the programme supports, educates, advocates and equip the person with disability. In our expansion phase organization surveyed Pipariya Block and identified 1555 person with disability.