Child reporter

Presently Dalit Sangh have 340 Child Reporters in Hoshangabad District(5 Blocks) and to take the Child Reporters initiative farther Dalit Sangh proposes to include more junior child reporters under the programme for a specific period. The project outlines various activities with children and all others concerned with the process right from organizing, mobilizing, capacity building, skill development, improving presentation skills and inculcating command over language of their understanding backed with constant support, handholding and regular program monitoring and assessment.

In order to empower the poor villagers, SC’s and ST’s communities voices, issues of child rights and their restoration Dalit Sangh came up with idea of grooming Child Reporters as a supplement to achieve its mandate. It all started 3-4 years back when it was conceived that Children from rural backdrop would be groomed with the qualities of journalism and to inculcate them with such values that make them able to raise a voice against the disparities, inequality and prejudice happening around them.

This idea was well appreciated by various esteemed Agencies and supported the cause for the last few years. As this idea has been instrumental in bringing about social change though silently in getting feedback from the pupils about their weal and woes including problems and suggestions from areas where generally nobody cares to know about. The child reporter’s initiative has been a tremendous success and has offered substantial potential for replication. We have come across scores of instances wherein the issues raised by the child reporters have been helpful in bringing about the desired changes, created results, compelled the administration to mend the process wherever required, improved quality of Mid Day Meal, helping remove caste barriers, witnessing increase in awareness amongst the children about their rights and have gained courage as a result of processes evolved for implementation of programme with constant interaction to put forward any issue of