Under Dalit Adhikar Abhiyan program various activities with the sole objective of securing equality among the all as per the constitution in society. Hoshangabad and Harda district’s 150 villages are undertaken with the assistance of Action Aid. Key initiatives under the program are – Dalit Rights, Women Rights, Child Rights and Land Rights issues for Dalit community and creating an amicable environment by using administrative and legal tools as well as ushering in a mindset change for securing entries of Dalit people to public places with constitutional guarantee of dignity. A dedicated cadre base is formed which functions as an animator to make sure that the rights of the downtrodden communities are not violated.

Aims of the Program are:

Key Activities in the Program – Awareness Campaigns, Workshops, Seminars, Fact-Finding & Documentation, organize rallies to express solidarity and unity of the community people on different levels from village to State. The Dalit Adhikar Abhiyan is state-wide campaign and our organization is a key partner in it. The program intervene land right initiative under Women and Land Right in rural areas.

Main thrust in women and children’s security, protection and development in the program in Dalit Community. we organize various(Health, enrollment, recreational) camps, at villages to sensitize children through various activities  like Games, Poetry, Songs, and open debate competitions, special classes for leadership development workshops, exposure visits etc.  we organize various activities for Women’s like : Training, Workshops, Seminars and Public Hearing on Domestic Violence Act 2005, Law & Legal Remedies for community, Adolescent Health, National Rural  employment Guarantee Act. and on various welfare schemes, legislation and Public Hearing also.